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Products - Slotted ServoRam
Slotted ServoRam is a very different form of electromagnetic ram in which the piston has no rod but carries a fin that protrudes through a slot along the full length of the ram. This is particularly useful in the case of catapults for aircraft and space vehicles and (in shorter lengths) for many industrial uses, including commercial and ordinance elevators. The catapult technology can be used in roller coasters and in new types of low-profile motion bases.

The Slotted ram also may be topologically transformed to make a rotary motor capable of generating very large torques directly, with only one moving part. This is of special interest to ship designers who require a reliable and fast-response rudder actuator that is electrically driven.

Finally, the ram can designed in configurations that actually have curvature to their length, and as the slot can also spiral along the length of the ram, the Slotted Ram can apply force fully in three dimensions.

AMT® Slotted Ram

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