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Products - ServoRam® Overview
ServoRam® is the name applied to the AMT® ram technology, and all AMT® electromagnetic rams are, in fact, ServoRams®. This technology has been developed over the last 10 years by AMT's R&D team. Currently there are 4 derivations of the ServoRam® available:

Slotted Ram
Double Cup Ram
Free Piston Ram
Modular Ram
ServoRams® are linear motors. The actuator is essentially a multi-pole permanent-magnet rotary electric motor split down to the middle, rolled out flat and then rolled back up again by taking the long edges of the strip and bringing them round to form a cylinder. The armature is treated in the same way and the armature shaft is then inserted along the axis of the cylinder to make a piston shaft. Finally - and most importantly - the outer surface of the armature is sealed to the inner surface of the cylindrical stator, so that they act simultaneously as a fluid piston and an electromagnetic force generator. Because all the electromagnetic fields close back upon themselves within the steel housing, the machine is very efficient and environmentally benign.

The basic design is currently scaleable from less than 10 Newtons to 50 KiloNewtons thrust, in strokes from 10 mm to 3 metres and velocities to at least seven metres/sec.
AMT® ServoRam®

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