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Product Overview
Advanced Motion Technologies, Inc. creates the Q3000® line of linear electromagnetic rams [ServoRams®]. AMT® is the sole producer of this technology in the world and possess over 80 patents in 80 countries related to this technology and its applications.

The current line of rams, the Q3000® line, was unveiled at the Drives and Control show in March, 2001 and the response has been overwhelming. The new line of rams, available in 4 derivatives and multiple configurations, are more powerfull, more precise, and more efficient than their revolutionary predecessors.

The Q3000® line of ServoRams® achieves unparalleled power and precision in a completely sealed, silent, maintenance free design featuring:

Extreme positioning accuracy, independent of load or velocity
Speeds to 7 metres/second
Thrusts to at least 5 tonnes
Strokes to more than 2 metres
High efficiency - actually increases with speed of movement
Zero mechanical backlash - force is created at the point of load
Zero electrical hysteresis
Zero transport lag
Control time constant in milliseconds
Inherent force sensing
Dual pneumatic/electromagnetic action that minimizes power demand
Fail safe dynamic braking

The core enabling technology and a good introduction to AMT
Slotted Ram
A new ram configuration that scales linearly and is capable of applying force in 3 dimensions
Double Cup Ram
The most popular model, features a traditional piston motion, used in motion platforms and vehicle suspensions
Free Piston Ram
An enclosed piston configuration that produces extremely precise blows and frequency response, ideal for drilling application
Modular Ram
A completely modular configuration that ideal for varied applications