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News Archive

Caterpillar, Inc.
October, 2004
Caterpillar and AMT enter into next phase of ServoRam development for construction applications.
Festo AG
October, 2004
Festo AG (Germany) contracts for custom prototype actuator for production evaluation.
US Army
September, 2004
US Army purchases custom 6 DOF motion base for speciality testing of equipment.
University of Southampton
August, 2004
University of Southampton (U.K.) orders ServoRam products for laboratory applications.
July, 2004
Mercutronik (Malaysia) contracts for speciality ServoRam(s) involved in testing applications.
Performance Milestone
June, 2004
AMT R & D team improves performance of ServoRam to 30kN force range and also develops lighter weight design for all actuators.
John Deere
April, 2004
AMT receives contract from John Deere for manufacture of Prototype ServoRams for special applications.
Caterpillar, Inc.
March, 2004
AMT and Caterpillar sign agreement for second phase of development of ServoRams for construction equipment applications.
Stent Foundations Limited
March, 2004
AMT commences development for prototype to be used in foundation applications.
Australian Dept. of Defence
February, 2004
AMT receives contract for custom prototype for testing and evaluation in pending project requirements.
Elevator Application
February, 2004
AMT commences development of prototype actuator for European elevator organization. License and manufacturing agreements to be completed shortly.
Recon/Optical, Inc.
January, 2004
AMT contracts to deliver E-Mag 6 DOF motion base for applications and product testing.
AMT Develops Powerful 125mm NB Rams
November, 2003
The culmination of extensive development efforts now allows powerful 20kN actuators to be manufactured.
John Deere
October, 2003
AMT commences special project using ServoRam technology for John Deere applications.
US Defense Contractor
September, 2003
AMT collaborates with US Navy contractor on testing of its Mark I 6 DOF motion base for future special projects.
AMT Technical Advancements
February, 2003
AMT announces that through technical innovations it has increased the peak thrust and efficiencies of its actuators by approximately 40% across the board. See posted specifications charts on this site.
Southern Manufacturing 2003 Show, U.K.
February, 2003
Latest generation of 60mm and 100mm actuators displayed by Quin Systems and RWE Nukem resulting in significant inquiries for industrial and prototype applications. www.quin.co.uk www.rwenukem.co.uk
Caterpillar, Inc.
January, 2003
AMT delivers custom prototype actuator to Caterpillar, Inc. for testing and evaluation in the Construction equipment application field.
AMT and Assembly Industries of U.K. Collaborate
December, 2002
AMT and the A.I. Group located in Wolverhampton, U.K. have agreed to a strategic alliance for the manufacture and marketing of AMT's electromagnetic 6 DOF motion bases. www.aigroup.co.uk
AMT Motion Base for Paris Air Show
December, 2002
AMT has commenced the manufacture of several prototype motion bases for a major defense contractor that will be announced and demonstrated at the Paris Air Show June, 2003
Yale University Purchases AMT Product
June 28, 2002
Yale University acquired 60mm ram technology for preliminary evaluation anticipating development of special testing equipment.
AMT's 60mm Series Ram Technology Unveiled.
February 20, 2002
AMT released its first generation of smaller and lighter weight electromagnetic actuators thereby expanding its product line into two powerful Series that allow multiple flexibility in stroke, thrust, and power.
Hypercar, Inc. and AMT Announce Alliance.
November 01, 2001
AMT and Hypercar, under confidentiality for over 18 months, now publicly announce an alliance to market and promote AMT's actuators for new active suspension systems for use in automobiles. Hypercar specializes in systems integrations and design of fully functional active suspensions.
AMT's 100 Series Makes American Debut At Naval Industrial Conference.
August 10, 2001
AMT unveiled its latest generation electromagnetic rams (100mm Series) at this Office Of Naval Research (ONR) conference to both private and governmental organizations.
AMT® is featured in July issue of Design Engineering.
July 25, 2001
U.S. Navy Accepts Test Rig
April 25, 2001
Manned Flight Systems at Patuxent River Naval Station sent a team of engineers to AMT's United Kingdom facilites for final testing and acceptance of the completed helicopter pilot test seat (gQ-Seat). The seat successfully demonstrated vastly superior simulation capabilites required for serious flight training.
AMT® is featured technology in April NASA Tech Brief.
March 22, 2001
AMT® unveils new generation of ServoRams® and U.K. Drives & Controls Show
March 1, 2001