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AMT is the premier global solutions provider of advanced motion technologies utilizing electromagnetic actuators.

AMT is a patent commercialization company, developing and patenting industry revolutionizing motion applications for military, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and simulation industries. Our flagship technology is based on a ground-breaking innovation - the ServoRam. This electromagnetic actuator is a very powerful and precise motion control device that employs more reliable and cleaner electromagnetic technologies to replace the traditional large, noisy, leaking, and environmentally-damaging hydraulic systems. ServoRam has many applications, ranging from automotive suspension systems, ships rudder steering, to elevator door closures.

AMT is actively seeing joint ventures or licensees to manufacture, sell and distribute ServoRam applications on a global basis in the following markets:

Industrial: including motion systems, manufacturing, and elevators
Automotive: including heavy trucks, military, off road, and rail transportation
Military and Aerospace
Location Based Entertainment
Robotics and Simulation