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Applications - Vehicle Suspension
Since the invention of the wheel people have tried to soften the bumps and jolts of the road by fitting a spring of some kind between the axle of the wheel and the main body of the vehicle itself. The springs ("compliances") store energy and have to be prevented from bouncing by "dampers" that turn the spring energy into heat that is blown away. Suspension components have in turn controlled the design of vehicle body structures - and even of wheels and tyres.

A more advanced design of active suspension is now available, using a breakthrough technology of electronic force control. There is now a completely new electromagnetic suspension component that can respond in a fraction of a millisecond. Wheel forces may now be selectively isolated from or coupled to the vehicle, to any required degree, instant by instant, for every inch of the vehicle motion, even at full speed.

AMT® is currently working with several automotive manufactures and suppliers to bring suspension systems to market for everything from large trucks to consumer automobiles.

Key Benefits

An active suspension system using a minimum energy principle based on Newton’s First Law
A regenerative damper with extremely rapid and precise control of coupling between wheels and chassis
Almost instantaneous response to external forces that attempt to modify vehicle ride height and attitude
A flexible system for control of ride height and attitude in response to changing speed and road conditions
A multi-layer fail-safe system

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