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US Navy Heliseat
Delivered in May, 2001
Applications - Simulation / Training
There are several designs utilizing ServorRams® in motion bases. Below, there is a link to a QuickTime movie of a USNAVY motion base using a previous generation of ServoRams®. These motion bases feature:

Key Benefits

A “floating” capsule with no hard supports
No hydraulics, no flow-control valves, no accumulator
No pump, no pipes, no noise, no mess
Direct electrical action. Clinically clean
Zero backlash, ultra smooth motion
Zero power consumption when static; negligible heat
Excellent power efficiency in motion through patented design features
Minimal moving parts count, simple assembly of sub-systems
Rapid diagnosis and repair, wholly unique technology
Highly salable for larger machines

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Demo Media (in Apple's QuickTime format - download free viewer here)

USNAVY Stewart Platform using ServoRams® - Watch QT Movie [9.2MB]
To download, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As...".

Note: Since this machine was manufactured, AMT has developed a range of yet more powerful, efficient and compact rams, allowing many other types of motion base to be constructed.