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Applications - Motion Bases
There are several designs utilizing ServorRams® in motion bases. Below, there is a link to a QuickTime movie of a USNAVY motion base using a previous generation of ServoRams®. These motion bases feature:

Emag-400 Series Motion Base (PDF) Advanced Motion Technologies Emag-400 Motion Base
Emag-2000 Series Motion Base (PDF) Advanced Motion Technologies Emag-2000 Motion Base
Emag-3300 Series Motion Base (PDF) Advanced Motion Technologies Emag-3300 Motion Base

Key Benefits

No Hydraulics - no mess, no cooling, no pumps or high-pressure pipes
No ballscrews - no noise, no wear, no windup or slow response
Inherent force sensing allows body motion interaction
Simple, wide-tolerance, robust mechanical design
Fully sealed (waterproof) machinery
Very low maintenance requirement
Off-the-shelf power units and controllers
Unsurpassed performance - an order of magnitude better than the best hydraulic system
Faster, smoother and more precise response
Self-contained and fully-automatic counterbalancing
High power efficiency through patented design features

Related Documents (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format - download free viewer here)

Notes on the Use of Electromagnetic Rams in Motion Bases (13K PDF)
The performance of the ServoRam in motion systems (47K PDF)

Demo Media (in Apple's QuickTime format - download free viewer here)

USNAVY Stewart Platform using ServoRams® - Watch QT Movie [9.2MB]
To download, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As...".

Note: Since this machine was manufactured, AMT has developed a range of yet more powerful, efficient and compact rams, allowing many other types of motion base to be constructed.