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Note: Since this machine was manufactured, AMT has developed a range of yet more powerful, efficient and compact rams, allowing many other types of motion base to be constructed.
USNAVY Stewart Platform using ServoRams® - Watch QT Movie [9.2MB]
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Note: Since this machine was manufactured, AMT has developed a range of yet more powerful, efficient and compact rams, allowing many other types of motion base to be constructed.

Recent News

Motion Bases
March, 2013
AMT partners with Russian firm to develop motion based for large-scale military simulation uses.
Joint Strike Fighter Program
January, 2013
AMT signs agreement to produce its most advanced motion base ever for use in testing components for the JSF program.
Gas and Oil Industry
January, 2012
AMT signs exclusive contract with major oil and gas international company for full development of multiple uses of ServoRams in that industry.
Oil and Gas Industry
November, 2011
AMT commences study for Industry on use of ServoRam technology for confidential uses in field.
Flight Seat
June, 2011
AMT designs and upgrades active seat program for helicopter military training platform.
Geological Survey
February, 2011
AMT commences design program for University lab test platform on earthquake simulation.
Motion Base
November, 2010
AMT commences military design of motion base for specialty confidential application.
Mag-lev Rail Systems
July, 2010
AMT continues multi year relationship with development of Maglev rail system and renews exclusivity arrangements.
Food Contractor
April, 2010
AMT invited to develop specialty uses of ServoRam for clean room industry requirements.
Military Contractor
January, 2010
AMT selected to develop and research confidential use of ServoRam technology for defense applications.
MagLev Train System
August, 2009
AMT selected as team member for prototype development of hi-speed train system with numerous custom ServoRam designs.
Glass production (Germany)
July, 2009
AMT signs NDA and develops program objectives for custom ServoRam actuators in glass production industry.
Defense Contractor (USA)
June, 2009
AMT contracted for prototype program with custom ServoRams for worldwide installations in security field.
Development Project
April, 2009
AMT agrees with UK organization to proceed on elevator application program with worldwide market implications.
Military Training Program (USA)
February, 2009
AMT delivers custom ServoRams to US Army as part of complete motion platform programs.
University Testing Equipment
October, 2008
Custom 6DOF motion platforms designed for gear testing.
Vehicle applications (USA)
June, 2008
AMT delivers prototypes for testing in offroad vehicle applications.
Wind Sail ServoRam applications (UK)
December, 2007
Successful testing of wind sail applications for super tankers leading to ServoRam custom designs.
Defense Contractor (USA)
September, 2006
Military contractor receives delivery of two prototype testing systems.
John Deere
April, 2006
Deere successfully completes testing period of AMT specialty prototype hardware. Commercialization and quantity production activity to encompass next phase.
Gas & Oil Application (Mexico)
December, 2005
AMT agrees with Exploration Company to design and build prototype actuator for subsurface applications.
ServoRam expands range
November, 2005
AMT expands actuator range from 40mm NB to 175mm NB actuators providing up to 40kN peak forces and introduces 10,000 lb. capacity motion bases.
International Firm (USA)
October, 2005
AMT signs contract to design and build new concept prototype for off road automotive applications.
Clean Energy Applications
August, 2005
AMT invited to join with UK organization for modular housing foundation piling systems and new concept power extraction from wind energy.
Elevator application
July, 2005
AMT successfully tests new actuator for specialty elevator applications.
Composite Development
May, 2005
AMT completes and tests new lightweight composite 40mm nominal bore actuator with increased efficiency.
Defense Contractor (USA)
April, 2005
AMT installs 6DOF motion base for equipment testing of military components.
Research progress
March, 2005
AMT designs new concept light weight simulator for home market applications.
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